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CS Dipika Bhatt

Associate Partner

She is a Qualified Associate Company Secretary from The Institute of Company Secretaries of India, in the year 2017 and she is the associate partner in former BSA and Associates since 2017. She has seen a swath of corporate law and legal needs of varied corporations. She leverages this varied background to address client challenges, combining critical thinking with knowledge of laws and provisions to build impactful solutions. She is heading research and legal representations division of the firm.


Dipika gives each assignment the assistance it needs to succeed – be it through researching various laws and provisions, reshaping existing work, concepting a creative solution, or developing an effective tool. While each assignment doesn’t always require simplification, she enjoys the challenge of taking complex problem and communicating them in a simple way for a client’s audience. Her incessant curiosity for integrity, learning and determination has led to the firm’s evolution.

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