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Work Life at BSA :

Learning Unlimited is what you can expect when you join BSA. A fulfilling work environment ensures personal and professional growth and balances training and mentoring with flexibility and fun thus creating a unique work culture which will keep you focused and motivated.

  • Enriching technical sessions every month, intersperse with interactive team meetings and educative client visits while intensive orientation programmers and offsite visits combined with our unique budget synopsis give ample proof of commitment and professionalism.

  • New challenges, new opportunities and a great deal of learning make up a typical day at BSA. We are an employee friendly firm where an energetic and enthusiastic environment encourages every member to reach beyond what they thought possible.

  • Our flexi time option allows employees to come an hour late to work and yet make up their 9 hours per day with numerous celebrations on the social calendar ensure work life balance. An inclusive culture brings professionals on a gender equality platform whilst allowing personal perspectives to flourish in a free and fair manner.

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